Current & Expected Foals

We did not breed any mares in 2020...
so will not have any foals for 2021.

We will resume breeding in 2021 and have foals again for 2022!

Thanks for checking!


2020  Foals


Star Strucks Cuervo Gold of GV  x

Buckeye WCF Classical Question

Foaled 02/26/20

Gold Vision Alejandro

AMHR/ASPC Chestnut Pinto Colt

Foaled 03/10/20

Gold Visions Shameless Chiquita

AMHR/ASPC Liver Chestnut Filly

Star Strucks Cuervo Gold of GV  x

Gold Visions Shameless Desire of HHP

Foaled 05/09/20

Gold Vision FINs Kinda Hafta LoveMe

AMHR/ASPC Sorrel Filly

Gold Visions Jess Finnegan  x

Star Struck Candymans Chardonnay GV

2019 Foals


Gold Visions Jess Finnegan   x

McCarthy's Jesse James of Rivenburgh  X Establo Lajuana

Modern Golds Candyman  X  B&L's Rock E's Paper Lace

Star Struck Candyman's Chardonnay GV

Foaled! 4/6/19
Gold Vision FINs Ohh So Vain

AMHR/ASPC Chestnut Colt



Expectant Foals

We're Sorry

We have no expectant foals for 2021!